Le Silence Comme Réponse

dalla collezione Autumn/Winter 2020Tutti i giorni, prima 12 mesifa
di HalfMoonRun
Le Silence Comme Réponse- Combinazione di moda
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Renita , prima 11 mesifa

Love this, the colors are excellent choices. It's all so pretty.

JelNik, prima 11 mesifa

I am speechless!

KateGWest, prima 11 mesifa

Silence - for myself - is the answer, as I have to sort out what I can say nicely in the situation. These are thought provoking sets and this model is a STAR. xok

Anne Irene , prima 11 mesifa

Very beautiful set and colors !!! ❤️

BeBeauty, prima 11 mesifa

wonderfully done ♥

Doozer , prima 11 mesifa

This is so beautiful Sweetie!! XXO

Misshonee, prima 12 mesifa

Superb ❤

Enchanticals , prima 12 mesifa

I agree with your quote; but, sometimes it can cause you to misinterpret the silence. Looking at her, she seems to want an answer. Another thought provoking set and so beautiful!

Michelle858, prima 12 mesifa

Wow. Beautiful !

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