Dreaming of Palm trees and sunsets

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di Doozer
Dreaming of Palm trees and sunsets- Combinazione di moda
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sandra , prima 3 annifa

Fab and that top is especially cute

BeBeauty, prima 3 annifa

beautiful smile

Doozer , prima 3 annifa

Thanks so much Kate O we are hoping to go in March. Keeping an eye on things so we'll see.

Doozer , prima 3 annifa

Thank you HalfMoonRun Sweetie. I am trying to be patient. XXO

Doozer , prima 3 annifa

Thank you Sweeties!! XXO
justmetwo JelNik Perla57 neverorever @beautifulplace Anne Irene

Anne Irene , prima 3 annifa

Gorgeous !!! Love flamingos and palm trees ❤️❤️

beautifulplace, prima 3 annifa

Gorgeous vacation styling, sweetie ♥️

neverorever , prima 3 annifa

So amazing dearheart

Kate O, prima 3 annifa

Keep dreaming of Mexico, palm trees, sea and sand !! You'll get back there soon !!

Perla57, prima 3 annifa

Wonderful! This is my dream too!

JelNik, prima 3 annifa


HalfMoonRun, prima 3 annifa

Chic and perfect for a "rendez-vous" with the palm trees and sunsets.
Even If, dear Doozer ,
you will have to be patient a little before doing so, for sure you will return to sun, palm trees, ocean, sand ... in 2021.

justmetwo, prima 3 annifa

Fabulous,love it ♥

Doozer , prima 3 annifa

Thanks Sweeties!! XXO
Misshonee Michelle858 Helenelle lemo

lemo, prima 3 annifa


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