Notre Danse Sous Le Lustre

dalla collezione Autumn/Winter 2019Ljubav, prima 6 mesifa
di HalfMoonRun
Notre Danse Sous Le Lustre- Combinazione di moda
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Ewa Naukowicz, prima 5 giornifa


cilita , prima 6 mesifa

Congratulations, my dear!! Awesome set!!

Doozer , prima 6 mesifa

Congratulations Sweetie!! XXO

lemo, prima 6 mesifa


Kate O, prima 6 mesifa

Congrats on Set of the Day !!

esterika, prima 6 mesifa


Georgine Dagher, prima 6 mesifa

Congratulations heart

bambi52, prima 6 mesifa

Elegant! Congrats!

Kathie C, prima 6 mesifa

Congrats! Awesome set!

HalfMoonRun, prima 6 mesifa

And thank you very, very much to each you for your constant encouragement and your always very kind comments. It seems to us not to do the same for you because of a lack of time, and we are sorry for that:
beleev ,
ChristinaD ,
darkeyes ,
JelNik ,
cilita ,
beautifulplace ,
Mees Malanaphy ,
selenachh ,
neverorever ,
Michelle858 ,
lemo ,
Georgine Dagher ,
esterika ,
Kate O ,
Doozer ,
BeBeauty ,
NatalyApril ,
malenafashion2 ,
sandra ,
Fashion Design ,
and the others who like this set. To all of you, we wish a great week.

HalfMoonRun, prima 6 mesifa

Thank you very, very much webmaster(s) @trendMe for making this set one of the Sets Of The Day. This is greatly appreciated. We wish you a very beautiful week.

neverorever , prima 6 mesifa


beautifulplace, prima 6 mesifa

Congrats on your well deserved set of the day!

VeneziaDea , prima 6 mesifa

Lovely, sweetie. Belated Congrats!

JelNik, prima 6 mesifa


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