Harvest Festival

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di Kate O
Harvest Festival - Combinazione di moda
20 OCT 2019 ~ it's an annual event at the Bishop Pumpkin Farm !! Hayrides, Train Ride, Haunted House, Games, Contests, Crafts and all the Autumn Treats one can eat and drink !! Costumes are optional, but, the kids wear theirs for sure !!

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Kate O, prima 4 mesifa

Thanks so much !!
Ewa Naukowicz

Ewa Naukowicz, prima 5 mesifa


Kate O, prima 8 mesifa

Yes it is !! Their Dad is taking them this year since Rachel will not be able to attend. She has to have surgery tomorrow to repair a Hernia and won't be going anywhere anytime soon !! I am going to stay with her until she can manage on her own and I am taking Meesu !! Creating sets here on tM may be spotty, so, don't worry !! I'll be back !!
Niwi ~ Hugs & Thanks !! xoxo

Niwi , prima 8 mesifa

Is this the annual event you use to attend with the kids ? It sounds like it is smile Delightful set sweetie ! ;-)

Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Thanks for the Congrats Sweet Friends !!
Georgine Dagher

Georgine Dagher, prima 9 mesifa

Congratulations ❤❤❤

JelNik, prima 9 mesifa


Sherlin, prima 9 mesifa

Congrats, darling!

Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Thanks Hon !!

BeBeauty, prima 9 mesifa

congrats smile

Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Thanks Sweetie !!

neverorever , prima 9 mesifa


Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Thanks Hon !!

beautifulplace, prima 9 mesifa

Congratulations sweetie ❤️

Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Aww, Thanks for the Congrats!!

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