Fog in the Valley

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di Kate O
Fog in the Valley - Combinazione di moda
23 FEB 2019 ~ Sacramento Valley is noted for its Foggy Days in Winter !! Most of the time it burns off by noon, but, the early morning commute can be treacherous !!
Happy Foggy Saturday !!

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haikuandkysses, prima 3 annifa


Niwi , prima 4 annifa

xo smile

Kate O, prima 4 annifa

I don't mind the Fog if I don't have drive in it. Commuting when Foggy was very scary !! We have Dense fog in the Sacramento Valley !! xoxo!!

Niwi , prima 4 annifa

Elegant look Kate ! There is often fog around the school when I arrive in the morning. It stays around longer that elsewhere, because of the forest bordering the yard. I like it smile

Kate O, prima 4 annifa

Thanks Hon !!

Misshonee, prima 4 annifa


Kate O, prima 4 annifa

Thanks ever so much Ladies !!
Incogneato ~ Deer, dogs or farm animals, none stop our crazies from speeding down the road and they get indignant if someone holds them up. I had a car pass me on the freeway at night doing at least 80 with zero visibility !! Scared the crap out of me so I followed a Big Rig until my exit !! I kept expecting to see the speeder
in an accident, but I didn't !! Thank Goodness !!
Michelle858 ~ Yes, I know you have lived in Sacramento and would know all about Fog !! I have had my fair share of scary moments while driving to work in the fog, but that's in the past !! Thankfully !!

Incogneato, prima 4 annifa

Beautiful look! Yes we get fog too ... can be treacherous and very scary for the deer. We drive veerrrrrry slooowly! ❤️

Michelle858, prima 4 annifa

I can attest that I have never seen or have been in worst fog than in Sacramento ! From the ground to the outer most reaches of the sky, completely opaque ! Beautiful outfit, Kate O ! smile

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