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Go Fund Me- Combinazione di moda
This poor doll is in dire need of modest cleavage and a torso. Seriously!
I cry at the lovely dolls we once made and pray we can have that luxury again.
I'm not sure I can afford another 8 years developing a site as a participant.
Love you all. xoxo

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haikuandkysses, prima 3 annifa


dgia, prima 3 annifa

Wonderful work!

CherryLayne, prima 3 annifa

totally understand that...I feel like a beginner again...it takes awhile to get every thing working right...lots of work they have to go...your set is beautiful though...much better than mine...im having the hardest time downloading things to use...it just wont let me..

CraftyGeminiCreation , prima 3 annifa

Amazing job! I agree 100%!

Incogneato, prima 3 annifa

Thank you sweet friends. FYI I have uploaded doll parts.

lastchance , prima 3 annifa

Trully ahamazing. I completely understand. I'm so sad. Wish they would have done it differently.. at least give us some time to save before shuttung down. Just wrong. Sending you love xx

EmJule , prima 3 annifa


dianefantasy , prima 3 annifa


Qiou, prima 3 annifa

My beloved friend always loves your talent!!!

Incogneato, prima 3 annifa

@Bev Martin, the name is due to knowing a person who fund raised for breasts!

Bev Martin, prima 3 annifa

LOL! I love this and your description! I have downloaded several of the Satinee doll parts that I used on Polyvore!

Incogneato, prima 3 annifa

Thank you friends. I just uploaded some doll parts in ‘my looks.’ ❤️

zaplily , prima 3 annifa

LOL I just realized you used peaches to create cleavage!

Danijela , prima 3 annifa

wonderful art♥

Beverly , prima 3 annifa

Joyce, this is fabulous. I am only doing fashion sets at the moment. Maybe one of these days I will do an art set. I sure miss Polyvore. Hope you are doing well. Hugs xx

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