Emerging Light

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 Emerging Light- Combinazione di moda
You and my Poly family were there for me through the darkest times. I often think about this and marvel at the support and kindness I was given.
If I can give a fraction of that support to you and others, I will feel blessed.
All my love, Joyce xoxo

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haikuandkysses, prima 3 annifa


journeyon, prima 3 annifa


Etteniotna, prima 3 annifa


Roxie, prima 3 annifa


Goreti Jorge, prima 3 annifa


Ellen Norton, prima 3 annifa

This is fabulous Joyce! I'm finding doing art sets are getting easier and easier. Dolls are a bit more tricky here.

LOUISEVEGASGIRL, prima 3 annifa

you were a joy to know on poly and i feel blessed i and so many of us have found each other here...polyvore had no idea or maybe they did on how much they really tore us all in every direction,but little by little the puzzle is again coming together...your sets alway seem to say so much...Happy you are here♥

Andreja , prima 3 annifa

Beautiful creation!

Incogneato, prima 3 annifa

Thank you all for your kind words. I sure wish we could tag folks! @Bev Martin, @drenise, @doozer, @mararival, @beautifulplace, @Marina Dusanic, @Tempesta Artica, @delobo (luv your name!), @Xiandrina, @niwi I made it a long while ago and so wish I could have uploaded it to Poly!, @Cherrylane Yes ma'am ... these dogs keep us busy and really have funny antics! @Beverly Blackburn I always loved your art sets, especially the vintage ones. It does seem fashion sets work out well here, @suburbhater, there are many people I think of and wonder where they are. I meant to tell you how splendid the bloom was on my cherry tree this year!, @lastchance, you are most welcome. I have not developed any system for making collections!! xoxoxo to all!

Suburbhater , prima 3 annifa

This is wonderful Joyce! I love that you are here with so many others from our old "fam" - still can't believe that Poly sold us out like that.

Xiandrina , prima 3 annifa


Beverly , prima 3 annifa

Lovely art set sweetie. I have yet to do one and will probably just stick to the fashion.

CherryLayne, prima 3 annifa

pretty pretty....saw your comment on Louises set...our dogs always make up laugh...love them

Niwi , prima 3 annifa

How lovely! I adore this nighty gypsy mood smile

delobo, prima 3 annifa


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