collection WINTERWinter, 2 months ago
by lemo
LODROMA- Fashion set
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Comments (9)



Michelle858, 2 months ago

Shirt, coat and bag are marvelous ! scarlett ✧☆・゚:☆✧ is right about the vintage detective influence heart heart heart

Helenelle, 2 months ago

Fabulous my dear!!❤️

scarlett ✧☆・゚:☆✧, 2 months ago

I adore this so much! it reminds me of a vintage detective! :D

Doozer , 2 months ago

Gorgeous Sweetie!! XXO

beautifulplace, 2 months ago

Wunderschön liebe lemoheart

Enchanticals , 2 months ago

Congrats! Fabulous!

BeBeauty, 2 months ago

love this ♥

justmetwo, 2 months ago

Fantastic dear,gorgeous colors ♥♥

neverorever , 2 months ago

Brilliant my dearheartheartheart

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