Baby Blue Bag

collection Autumn/Winter 2020 , 2 months ago
by Renita
Baby Blue Bag- Fashion set
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Comments (10)


HalfMoonRun, 2 months ago

Very beautiful styling and charmingly creative set.

BeBeauty, 2 months ago

cool smile

Renita , 2 months ago

beautifulplace lemo Thank you my dears!

beautifulplace, 2 months ago

Such a pretty styling, sweetie ❤️

Renita , 2 months ago

MarinaSyd Thank you Marina! Thanks for your understanding, I just feel so bad for the animals because they don't know what's happening and we can't explain it to them.

MarinaSyd, 2 months ago

Very stylish set!

MarinaSyd, 2 months ago

My cats are also terribly afraid of fireworks. From such stress they hide all over the house where they can then I can hardly find them. That's why I understand your feelings for your little dog.

Renita , 2 months ago

Michelle858 Thank you!! Yes, there were a number of people setting fireworks from like 9 pm on. It was horrible for my little dog. She is terribly afraid of noises like that and shakes uncontrollably. 4th of July is the worst for her. She usually hides behind the furnace until it's over and she can't be coaxed out. We feel so bad for her :(
Did you enjoy your night? We went to TGI Friday's at 5:30 and were home by 8 in our pjs. LOL

Michelle858, 2 months ago

Happy New Year, dear Renita ! Were those firecrackers I heard last night coming from Crnwl ? Love this outfit and the booties are outstanding ! ! !

lemo, 2 months ago


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