" Eat Your Peas !! "

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por Kate O
" Eat Your Peas !! "- Combinaciónde moda
09 APR 2021 ~ D & G's Whimsical Summer Dress with pea pods is adorable !! Peas are not my favorite vegetable, actually they don't
make the top ten !! I will eat them, but, only if they are served to me and definitely won't eat split pea soup !! Yuck !!
Solvang, California is wasted on me !!

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Kate O, 4 semanas hace

Thanks !!

Renita , 4 semanas hace

Lovely summer style!

Kate O, 4 semanas hace

HalfMoonRun ~ Thanks so much !!

HalfMoonRun, 4 semanas hace

Beautifully feminine styling and so charming set.

Kate O, 4 semanas hace

Awww, Thanks Lovely Friends !! This D&G vegetable dress made me laugh. So glad you enjoyed it !!
Niwi ~ LOL !! It is Funny how some words are translated so differently and the meaning is either funny or off color !! Hugs Vero !!
Michelle858 ~ Coloma ! Know it well and Yes it does get really hot !!
I don't remember what season I was there, but I do remember that the landscape was dry and the plants and trees looked like they were dying. The historical aspect was interesting and they were trying to keep the town up, but, I think Nature wanted to take it back !! Did you ride the Stagecoach ?? I was a teen and my brothers wanted to ride so I agreed to make sure they didn't get in trouble. Pretty boring !! Hugs !!

BeBeauty, 4 semanas hace

beautiful look ♥

dehti, 4 semanas hace

Wow ... impeccable! I loved everything.

beautifulplace, 4 semanas hace

So fresh and beautiful, very creative set!! heart

JelNik, 4 semanas hace


Niwi , 4 semanas hace

How cute !
This is funny too because in French we don't use the words "polka dot" for a dotty pattern, we say a fabric "à pois", and "pois" is french for peas smile
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Michelle858, 4 semanas hace

No. I don't think you are weird at all. We all like different things. That's the greatness of being us. After I wrote re: Solvang, for some reason I remembered Coloma. I could stand to never go back to Coloma. It was 110* the time I went. : O LOL !

Kate O, 4 semanas hace

and . . .You may have my share too !! ;-) There is just something that happens when peas are cooked and used in soup, the flavor changes and for me it's not pleasant. Same thing with peanut butter, I Love peanut butter but can't stand peanut butter cookies !!
Yep !! I am Weird !!

Michelle858, 4 semanas hace

I love peas smile This set is so delightful ! Happy Friday, Kate smile I LOVE Solvang so much and I have tons of Amy's Organic Pea Soup in our cupboard ! smile

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