Touch of green

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por Gianoula
Touch of green- Combinaciónde moda
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Incogneato, 9 meses hace

Impeccable expressions!

Gianoula , 12 meses hace

beautifulplace lemo Ich danke euch wieder ganz herzlich, liebe Freunde und Familie

lemo, 12 meses hace


beautifulplace, 12 meses hace


Gianoula , 12 meses hace

neverorever T͜h͜a͜n͜k͜ ͜y͜o͜u͜ ͜d͜e͜a͜r͜ ͜T͜i͜n͜a͜ 乂❤‿❤乂

neverorever , 12 meses hace

Magnificent art ...Love it heart smile

Gianoula , 12 meses hace

dgia I know dear Dgia, you just told me that you have a lot of mini perfumes in your house, i am corious to see them.
Thank you as Always dear Country sister 웃+웃=❤

dgia, 12 meses hace

Amazing,love the fragrances and I have a collection of miniatures

Gianoula , 12 meses hace

( ^◡^)っ❤ JelNik

JelNik, 12 meses hace

I don't mind smile))

Gianoula , 12 meses hace

JelNik Now you are my Soul sister (*・_・)ノ*`*`*

JelNik, 12 meses hace

Oh, it's funny that we had the same ideas - to create something in green colours!