Snowed in

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por Doozer
Snowed in- Combinaciónde moda
We are snowed in and it just keeps falling. Trouble is, it makes me want to bake. I made cinnamon rolls. Oooey, gooey and delicious.

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countrycuz, 2 años hace


haikuandkysses, 3 años hace


Misshonee, 4 años hace

Fabulous Set!❤

audionfashion , 4 años hace

Marvelous set heart

Doozer , 4 años hace

peewee PV Are your kids in India too Sweetie? For some reason I think the weather there is always hot, but I don't really know. I used to hate the cold but now I don't mind it so much, for a little while anyway. We are going to Mexico in a couple weeks where it's nice and warm. Have a wonderful day. Hugs

Doozer , 4 años hace

lastchance Yes, it's a big deal when we get snow here. It's beautiful but after a few days of being snowed in I start to go stir crazy. Your boss goes to Jordon, in Saudi Arabia? Does that mean you will be working even more? I hope you have a wonderful day Sweetie!! Hugs

Doozer , 4 años hace

Thanks you Sweeties! beautifulplace Nanni33 Ljubacelo-Ljiljana Radisavljević !!

Doozer , 4 años hace

Incogneato I wish I could send you some cinnamon rolls, I've eaten WAY to many!!! XXO

Ljubacelo-Ljiljana Radisavljević, 4 años hace

Very nice! ❤️

peewee PV, 4 años hace

Reading your comments i don't know whether to be glad or sorry! They're having snow and hail in the north where my kids are but I'm starting to feel the heat- we're in for a perishing summer!

peewee PV, 4 años hace

simply beautiful

Nanni33, 4 años hace

❤️❤️ perfect set.

lastchance , 4 años hace

Beautiful darlin' Deb. Yes and I see your getting some more today and tonight. You've gotten the most snow in 70 yrs. It was on the nightly news I watch. Boss will be leaving in a week to go back to Jordan.
Have a great day darlin ;D xx

beautifulplace, 4 años hace

So perfect my dear! ❤︎ Adore this cute bird handbag!!!

Incogneato, 4 años hace

Just perfect, Debbie ... for a day like today! Now all I can imagine are cinnamon rolls! ❤️

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