lost sets; please advise

  • Losing fashion designs is very frustrating, exasperating, and downright maddening. Moving items can take you to another page without warning usually when moving the last set-piece before publishing. Autosave is not dependable.

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  • Click create, go immediately to "edit", click resize and one background only they have little boxes by them. Add one or two items and stop! Click "set" and then autosave draft at the bottom of the column. Click "Save draft as" as soon as possible this lets you name the draft and creates a base for autosave to work. I usually save with just a background solid but a cup of coffee will do. When I fail to take this step total losses still happen. By taking these steps the blue screens and jumps to product pages leave me with at least part of the set I was working on. Hope this helps ! 1 years ago
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  • I have the same issue so I don't really know bot I do know how you feel.
    -Billie Eilish Fan
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