How to set up Fitbit on a PC running Windows 10

  • If you don't have a smartphone or believe smartphone syncing is too popular, you may instead use a Windows 10 PC to track your Fitbit fitness metrics.

    To begin, you'll need to download the app. To get to the Windows Store, press the Start button and type ‘Store' in the search box.
    2. Look for the ‘Fitbit app' in the app store. You may be asked to establish an account if you've never downloaded an app from the Windows Store before.
    3. Get the app and install it.
    4. Launch the app and follow the prompts to complete the (Fitbit Com Setup) procedure, which includes creating a Fitbit account.
    5. If your computer has Bluetooth, you may remotely sync the tracker with it. If your computer doesn't have Bluetooth (or it doesn't function), try connecting the wireless sync dongle that comes with your tracker into a USB port. For example, the Fitbit Surge needs that this dongle be plugged in. The Fitbit Blaze is the sole exception: you'll need to place the tracker in its charging cradle before plugging the other end of the wire into a USB connection on your computer.

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