nr 389 - White & Blue

collection Wiosna/Lato 2020Elegant, 1 month ago
by BeBeauty
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nr 389 - White & Blue- Fashion set

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Comments (8)


BeBeauty, 4 weeks ago

thank you sweetie Nymue smile

Nymue, 1 month ago

Love the styling

BeBeauty, 1 month ago

@beautifulplace Misshonee JelNik Michelle858 Kate O thanks smile

Kate O, 1 month ago

Lovely Look !!

Michelle858, 1 month ago

Professional beauty !

JelNik, 1 month ago

Beautiful set which reminds us that summer will come!

Misshonee, 1 month ago

Such a Magnificent Set!

beautifulplace, 1 month ago

Super pretty casual chic! heart

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