The last rays of sunlight are for the winterchild

collection Wintery setsWinter, 4 months ago
by sandra
The last rays of sunlight are for the winterchild- Fashion set
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DiscoMermaid , 4 months ago


beautifulplace, 4 months ago

Fabulous look and charming set smile heart

sandra , 4 months ago

lemo and to you and the people you love as well smile

lemo, 4 months ago

" MERRY CHRISTMAS!" my dear heartheartheartheart

sandra , 4 months ago

lemo thank you and greeting to you as well smile

lemo, 4 months ago

a dream my dear SANDRA heartheartheartheart GREETINGS!

sandra , 4 months ago

HalfMoonRun I can't make any promises for the future of course, but I try to remember. Glad you like it. I wasn't sure about this one.

I hope you had a good birthday. Is there anything I can wish you (other then a life outside of the pandemic that is)

Helenelle, 4 months ago

Totally awesome!

Kate O, 4 months ago

Sandra, this is Beautiful in every way and a heartwarming and creative Birthday set for HalfMoonRun which I wish a most Wonderful Celebration !! Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, 4 months ago

Like it? No, dear sandra . Love it! Love everything about your other great set. The comfort and warm styling: the bedroom ... the title (you can call me "winter child" whenever you want),
your creativity and talent to create unique sets, always with such a beautiful enveloping atmosphere.
Always surprised that you did not forget. Thank you for your heartwarming birthday present. - LOVE

Enchanticals , 4 months ago


MarinaSyd, 4 months ago

Fantastic! Very atmospheric and incredibly cozy set.

countrycuz, 4 months ago


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