Take a watertaxi, go work by the ocean ...

collection summerBeach, 1 week ago
by sandra
Take a watertaxi, go work by the ocean ...- Fashion set
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sandra , 1 week ago

Kate O you've been to Sydney, lucky you smile and water, for something that gives way so easily, can be so awfully difficult to navigate. Always good to have a new and fresh experience though

sandra , 1 week ago

HalfMoonRun I love unique ways to travel and that seems to be one. Hope I get to try it one day. flâneur is another favourite French word of mine smile

Kate O, 1 week ago

Amazing Set Sweetie !! Had a great time in a water taxi in Sydney !! A little bumpy, but, fun !!

HalfMoonRun, 1 week ago

wonderful styling. great, great set. love the word "flâneur" and the title of your set. And yes, take a watertaxi "... has it's advantages". on the Seine, there are batobuses : )

beautifulplace, 1 week ago

Such a beautiful dress and set!

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