collection summerEveryday, 12 months ago
by dgia
Cherine- Fashion set
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Comments (11)


Michelle858, 12 months ago

Marvelous summer outfit heart

lemo, 12 months ago

wow sooo nice my dear Giaheartheartheartheartheartheartthank you very,very much for congratulations"I WISH YOU A NICE WEEKEND!" che 1000000FILAKIA from FOTINI

justmetwo, 12 months ago

A beautiful set ♥

Hazi, 12 months ago

Such a cute set heart

Tamires, 12 months ago

Fabulous set

JelNik, 12 months ago

Lovely set!

Márta Tugyi, 12 months ago

Great set!

zoloto, 12 months ago

Lovely, looks awesome and chic!

BeBeauty, 12 months ago

so sweet ♥

siriusfun, 12 months ago

Lovely pink outfit and set!!

Evgeniya7, 12 months ago

❤ A wonderful set! I love it! ❤

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