Dress up or down

collection Spring/Summer 2024Summer, 2 months ago
by Hazi
Dress up or down- Fashion set
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Comments (12)



Hazi, 1 month ago

Thank you @lemo and @Goya I do too smile heart

Goya, 1 month ago

I choose casual version

lemo, 1 month ago

superb my dear heartheartheartThank you very,very much for congratulations "I WISH YOU A NICE WEEK!" and 1000Kisses from Lumi

Hazi, 1 month ago

Renita zoloto many thanks heart

zoloto, 1 month ago

Great combination of all colors! Exclusive shades, everything goes together!

Renita , 1 month ago

Cute styling, I love both looks!

Hazi, 1 month ago

dgia BeBeauty
JelNik HalfMoonRun
Doozer many thanks heart

Doozer , 1 month ago

Fabulous Sweetie!! XXO

HalfMoonRun, 1 month ago

Great "day and night" styling. Beautiful combination of colours and set. ❤︎

JelNik, 1 month ago

I like both looks!

BeBeauty, 2 months ago

cool ideas ♥

dgia, 2 months ago

Very beautiful

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