Quand Lentement L'Été Cède La Place

collection Spring/Summer 2021Summer, 1 years ago
by HalfMoonRun
Quand Lentement L'Été Cède La Place- Fashion set
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Comments (22)



Enchanticals , 1 years ago

Of corse this won. It’s fabulous!

Sherlin, 1 years ago

Congrats, darling! ❤️❤️❤️

lemo, 1 years ago

Congratulations! my dear heartheartheartheartheart

beautifulplace, 1 years ago

Lovely ❤️ Congratulations!

BeBeauty, 1 years ago

congrats ♥♥

Márta Tugyi, 1 years ago

Congratulations on your day set and thank you so much for all the likes! Have a nice day!

JelNik, 1 years ago


Doozer , 1 years ago

Congrats Sweetie!! XXO

HonkyTonkDancer, 1 years ago


Jungwon Paik, 1 years ago

Congratulations! heart

beleev , 1 years ago

Love Love Love ❤️ ❤️❤️ !!!
Perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Congratulations on your trendMe Set of the Day !!!!!

justmetwo, 1 years ago

Congratulations,excellent ♥

HalfMoonRun, 1 years ago

You are always here for us. With love and music, you are all our other source of inspiration.
So, each of us thanks each of you for liking this other collective set.
darkeyes ,
lemo ,
kari ch ,
KateGWest ,
ReiiLu ,
Helenelle ,
justmetwo ,
Sherlin ,
bambi52 ,
MaMoe ,
Jungwon Paik ,
NatalyApril ,
BeBeauty ,
JelNik ,
Doozer ,
herasdarne ,
and ton anyone else who likes our set. - LOVE

HalfMoonRun, 1 years ago

How a nice and warm way to say "Welcome Back" than to choose our set as a Set Of The Day.
Thank you so much webmaster trendMe - LOVE

jacksondobe, 1 years ago

Excellent!! Congratulations!!! heart

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