Her Special Day !!

collection Spring/Summer 2021Love, 1 week ago
by Kate O
Her Special Day !! - Fashion set
08 APR 2021 ~ For my Daughter, Rachel who makes me Laugh and Cry !! So many past memories come to mind, but, it's the memories we are making now that are important. I hold all my memories of You in my heart and hopefully there are many more to come !! I love You Sweetie !!
Happy Birthday !!

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Comments (7)



Kate O, 5 days ago

Thanks !!

HalfMoonRun, 6 days ago

Absolutely charming and touching.

Kate O, 7 days ago

beautifulplace ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

beautifulplace, 1 week ago

Too cute heart

Niwi , 1 week ago

hehehe ! Thank you Kate ! smile

Kate O, 1 week ago

Thanks Vero !! I just talked to her !! Your ears may have been burning because you were part of our conversation in regards to creativity !!
Why I am on trendMe and that it makes me happy !! Hugs !!
I'll pass along your birthday wish !!
xoxo ~ Niwi

Niwi , 1 week ago

Happy Birthday Rachel !

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