Take me to the beach . . .now!

collection Spring/Summer 2020Summer, 1 month ago
by Doozer
Take me to the beach . . .now!- Fashion set
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ArtFashionByRomilly , 4 weeks ago

Wonderful, happy set!! Looking forward to the summer smile


I just knew this was your beautiful set♥

Carmen Creation , 1 month ago

So cute and bold, great for the beach!

Gianoula , 1 month ago

So colourful set heart

Doozer , 1 month ago

Thank you HalfMoonRun and Kate O - as you can see all I can think about is getting to Zihuatanejo. It's cold and rainy here. All. The. Time.

Doozer , 1 month ago

Thank you so much Sweeties!! XXO
Misshonee beautifulplace Nanni33 lemo and Michelle858

Kate O, 1 month ago

Exactly what HalfMoonRun said in her comment !! This is a Fabulous and Colorful Outfit for Mexico !!

Michelle858, 1 month ago


lemo, 1 month ago

wow beautifulheartheartheart

Nanni33, 1 month ago


HalfMoonRun, 1 month ago

And every day that ends brings you closer to the sun of Zihuatanejo. Yay! XXOO

HalfMoonRun, 1 month ago

Pretty cool and feminine styling. Very lovely and happy colours.

beautifulplace, 1 month ago

Such a pretty & colorful look, sweetie! Love it ♥

Misshonee, 1 month ago

So bright and fun

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