Not into Pastels !

collection Spring/Summer 2020Spring, 4 years ago
by Kate O
Not into Pastels ! - Fashion set
12 APR 2020 ~ There are those who do not wear Pastels !! Their reasons vary from, not the right skin color/tone to they just aren't into light colors !!
Years ago I had my colors charted and was told I can wear almost any color except Ochre !! Nobody wears Ochre !! LOL !!
Enjoy today !!

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Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks Vero !! I think most of us are like that to some extent !! What we see definitely has an effect on how we feel !! Used to have this Electric Blue dress that made me feel awesome !! It came in other colors, but I was drawn to the Blue !! Just something about the color !!
Hugs !!

Niwi , 4 years ago

I like every look : pastel or not. Their are just a few colors that give me some kind of unpleasant physiological reaction.
Love this set Kate ! smile
Hugs xoxo

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks !! peewee PV

Michelle858 ~ Good to know !!

Michelle858, 4 years ago

Hi, Kate - Yes. We are 100 % good here smile

peewee PV, 4 years ago

super cute

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks so much Lovely Ladies & Gents !!
Michelle858 ~ don't recall if I wore neon in the 80's !! Probably not !!
Happy Easter Michelle, hope all is well !!
HalfMoonRun ~ Thank you for the compliment, I do Love Black and Red ! Hugs !!

JelNik, 4 years ago

Beautiful and stylish!

Michelle858, 4 years ago

I remember very well the days of having one's colors done. I never did, but wish I had. They ought to bring that back. I was living in Sac when that was popular. I love all colors but for some reason never wear neon, not even in the '80s LOL ! This is such a wonderful outfit and I love black and red together heart Happy Easter, Kate ! (((Hugs)))

HalfMoonRun, 4 years ago

Great styling (you still master perfectly well the black & red) and beautifully well designed set.

BeBeauty, 4 years ago

cool smile

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