Cool Breeze Wanted !!

collection Spring/Summer 2020Summer, 12 months ago
by Kate O
Cool Breeze Wanted !! - Fashion set
28 MAY 2020 ~ most of the time I get the Delta breeze at night which helps cool me down, but, it's the long sunny hot daytime that does me in !! It"s Hot here !!

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Kate O, 12 months ago

Renita ~ Thanks Hon !!

Renita , 12 months ago

Love the look smile

Kate O, 12 months ago

Thanks Hon !!

neverorever , 12 months ago


Kate O, 12 months ago

Thanks Wonderful Friends !! Crazy weather all over !!
Niwi ~ I know you would and I love you for that !! Hugs !! I got the delta breeze last night so it cooled down quite a bit.
Doozer ~ definitely would if I could !! I am familiar with the temps and weather in Seattle !! Hugs !! Hopefully the heat will rise to the great northwest, soon !!
HalfMoonRun ~ when I think of Montreal, it is mild weather in the Spring and Summer, but the Winter can be brutal. Didn't realize your summer can be Hot too !! Hang in there !!

Niwi , 12 months ago

Hold on sweetie ! If I could I'd send you some fresh air we have in the mornings here !
Hugs smile

Doozer , 12 months ago

Love this Kate!! Wish you could share some of the heat with us, then we'd both be just right!! XXO

HalfMoonRun, 12 months ago

love the styling and its colours (it's really and again too hot today in Montréal).

Kate O, 12 months ago

Thanks Gals !!

justmetwo, 12 months ago

Beautiful,love the outfit ❤️

beautifulplace, 12 months ago

Fabulous styling, dear!!

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