Alexis & Lili Marie

collection Spring/Summer 2020Love, Competition 'Valentines Day', 3 months ago
by HalfMoonRun
Alexis & Lili Marie- Fashion set
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Comments (12)


elenaviola, 3 months ago

So charming and sensuous! First love seems naive, but never forgotten! Beautifully done set!

ArtFashionByRomilly , 3 months ago

Wonderful set! It has all the atmosphere of Paris!

Anne Irene , 3 months ago

What a perfect Valentine set !!!! ❤️

beleev , 3 months ago

Happy Hearts Day Dear !!!!! xoxo

beautifulplace, 3 months ago


Misshonee, 3 months ago

Gorgeous ❤

Doozer , 3 months ago

Ooooooooooooooo la la!! XXO

Gianoula , 3 months ago

~ Breathtaking , that's perfect for Valentine ~

heart LOVE heart LOVE heart LOVE the Picture *_*

KateGWest, 3 months ago

long legs! how sweet this set is

lemo, 3 months ago

wow,romantic ,thanks for congratulationsheartheartheart

JelNik, 3 months ago


Kate O, 3 months ago

Young Love is Awesome !! Terrific Style !!

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