You are what you choose to be

collection Spring/Summer 2019Summer, 3 years ago
by Doozer
You are what you choose to be- Fashion set
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Comments (11)


HalfMoonRun, 3 years ago

Very charming styling and lovely colours.

elenaviola, 3 years ago

Very lovely summer set!

haikuandkysses, 3 years ago

Wonderful Set ...Love the Quote!

Bev Martin, 3 years ago

Fantastic with a great message!

Qiou, 3 years ago


Doozer , 3 years ago

Thank you Sweeties!! XXI
beautifulplace neverorever Kate O

Kate O, 3 years ago

Great Summer Set with a sweet Denim jacket !!

neverorever , 3 years ago

Fantastic sweetie heart

beautifulplace, 3 years ago

Very pretty summery set, sweetie!! Love denim jackets! heart

Doozer , 3 years ago

@thanks Sweetie Incogneato I love denim jackets, I have 3 in different shades of blue and 1 grey and 1 black. XXO

Incogneato, 3 years ago

Gorgeous skirt!! Makes such a nice look (I have denim jackets too!)

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