The New Neighbor !!!

collection Spring/Summer 2019Dream, 3 months ago
by Kate O
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The New Neighbor !!!- Fashion set
13 AUG 2019 ~ be still my heart !!

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Kate O, 3 months ago

Thanks Hon !!

cilita , 3 months ago

Congratulations, dear!

Kate O, 3 months ago

Nah !! Just decided to use a Guys image instead !! LOL !! Hugs !!

Niwi , 3 months ago

Beautiful combo, telling a story to come... ;-)
Hugs! xoxo

Kate O, 3 months ago

Thanks Sweetie !! If that was my intention, then Yay !! =D

beautifulplace, 3 months ago

Such a great and seductive look, dear!! The neightbor will not be able to resist! :D ♥

Kate O, 3 months ago

LOL !! Thanks Sweeties !! The sweater and skirt would certainly get his attention !!
Not sure about the seducing part !! =D

HalfMoonRun, 3 months ago

Feminine and alluring styling. Beautiful colours. Very pretty set. (You wanted to seduce this new neighbor? You succeeded.)

Kate O, 3 months ago

Incogneato ~ In my Dreams and many, many, many years ago !! Thanks Hon !!

Incogneato, 3 months ago

Ha! For real, Kate?? Outstanding set! ❤️

Kate O, 3 months ago

Thanks Bunches Dear Friends !!
Michelle858 ~ such a sweet comment and compliment !! Hugs!!

Michelle858, 3 months ago

I am in love with this outfit so much. Forget Top Fashion Set - Vogue needs to pay you to publish this in their magazine ! ! ! Incredible style (and the guy's not bad either LOL)

cilita , 3 months ago

Beautiful set!

neverorever , 3 months ago

Lovely smile

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