Holding on to Spring

collection Spring/Summer 2019Spring, 1 years ago
by Kate O
Holding on to Spring - Fashion set
29 MAY 2019 ~ Oh, how I wish I could hold on to Spring !! I am not a Summer Gal and never was !!
Don't get me wrong, I Love the idea of Summer, just not the heat and the sunburns !! Spring is a kinder and more gentle season for those who are not Sun Worshippers !!

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Comments (12)



haikuandkysses, 1 years ago


Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks Hon !!

beleev , 1 years ago

Fabulous Set.... Love Love Love ❤️❤️❤️

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thank You Sweet Ladies !!
Incogneato ~ with the spray on tans there is no need to tan by the sun anymore, unless you can't afford it. With me, I burn just standing in the sun for a few minutes, so I always have sunscreen !! =D

HalfMoonRun, 1 years ago

beautifully soft and delicately feminine styling. very, very lovely set ♥

Incogneato, 1 years ago

Just love this top, and such a beautifully styled set. It’s a wonder with the current rates of melanoma, a tan is still associated with health!

neverorever , 1 years ago


beautifulplace, 1 years ago

Super pretty and sweet spring style, dear!! Love those floral heels, perfectly combined ❤️

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks Hon !!

dgia, 1 years ago


Kate O, 1 years ago

Aww, Thanks Vero !! It has been unseasonably wet & cold these past couple of weeks, but yesterday it was late Spring and it looks like today will be the same. Once summer arrives it won't matter if it is 90 or 110 degrees, I'll still be miserable and will stay in my A/C home unless I "have' to go somewhere and then in my A/C car !! I am thankful I have A/C !! We are spoiled now, when my Mom was pregnant with me in the summer of 1947, there was no A/C, just swamp coolers and floor fans. I was the only kid born in the summer, everyone else was either in Feb or Oct. My poor Mother !! and she said I was supposed to be born a week before !!
That's me, stubborn even before I came into this world !! LOL !!
Have a nice Spring Day Sweetie !! Hugs !!

Niwi , 1 years ago

I see what you mean and you know I'm like you. We've got some spring days to appreciate again. Spring is a bit cool here and they promise a hot summer for us... but I really can wait smile
This is a lovely fresh set Kate, so charming smile

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