Cruise Outfit #1

collection Spring/Summer 2019Cocktail, 3 months ago
by Doozer
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Cruise Outfit #1- Fashion set
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haikuandkysses, 2 months ago


Doozer , 2 months ago

Thank you Sweetie Incogneato !! I think this tunic was supposed to be a dress, but I always wear it with leggings or skinny pants, much more comfortable for me. XXO

Incogneato, 2 months ago

Perfect look! The tunic is stunning and versatile. No doubt you’ll look like a million bucks! ❤️

peewee PV, 3 months ago

great styling

Kate O, 3 months ago

Alaska is Beautiful, but Rugged !! I hope you get to experience the turnaround !!
Let me know if you do !! Have a Fabulous Vacation with your Friends !! Hugs !!

Doozer , 3 months ago

Kate O - Alaska. I prefer palm trees to glaciers but we are going with good friends so it will be fun no mater where we are!

Kate O, 3 months ago

I am jealous Deb !! I Love cruising !! I had a beaded top that I paired with a long black chiffon skirt for the formal dinner on my cruise in the Caribbean. What great memories !! Enjoy your cruise to ???

Doozer , 3 months ago

Thanks Kate O This is my own tunic, I love it! I was surprised I found a picture of it on line. I'll be wearing this on the cruise, we leave Saturday. Have a fabulous day Sweetie!! XXO

Doozer , 3 months ago

Thanks Gianoula I will be doing exactly that in a couple of days! XXO

Kate O, 3 months ago

Awesome Travel Set !! Love the Tunic Too !!

HalfMoonRun, 3 months ago

Chic, feminine and sexy styling. Very lovely set.

neverorever , 3 months ago

Flawless creation sweetie

JelNik, 3 months ago

A great outfit for a lavish vacation!

Gianoula , 3 months ago

Nice Imagination seeing you on the balcony of the Luxus liner with a drink in the evening in this Wonderful Outfit.
(✿ ♥‿♥)

Love this tunic so much, I feel fabulous when I wear it. I pair it with skinny black ankle pants, sparkly flip flops, a small black bag and crystal drop earrings (my earrings have a clear stone in the bottom but these are as close as I could find).

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