Amalfi Coast, Italy

collection Spring/Summer 2019Travel, 1 years ago
by Kate O
Amalfi Coast, Italy - Fashion set
24 MAY 2019 ~ Took a cruise up & down the Amalfi Coast, stopped in Amalfi & Positano, sweet little fishing villages that are now full of Tourist like me !!
I was on my way to Sorrento, Pompeii & then the Isle of Capri before heading back to Rome via Naples. The Amalfi Coast is so ruggedly Beautiful !! I wanted to stay longer !!

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Comments (15)


haikuandkysses, 1 years ago


Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks Bunches !!

HalfMoonRun, 1 years ago

very, very beautiful ♥

Kate O, 1 years ago

Hugs Michelle !!

Michelle858, 1 years ago

Lovely heart

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks, Deb !! It was wonderful and one I'll never forget !!

Doozer , 1 years ago

LOVE this look Sweetie! Sounds like a wonderful trip!! XXO

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks !! It was the one of the Best !! I'd do it again in a heartbeat !!
Bev Martin

Niwi , 1 years ago

Yes so strange ! ;-)

Bev Martin, 1 years ago

Beautiful! Sounds like a great trip!

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thank You Dear Friends !!
Niwi ~ Ah, Yes !! The Limocello is quite popular and very tasty !! It became even more popular after the movie " Under the Tuscan Sun " came out with scenes of her (Diane Lane) in Positano enjoying the drink with her friend and his family. I think his name was Marcelo, but ???? Anyway, it is strange that you saw a program of the Amalfi Coast and I created a set about it !!! Hugs Vero !!

Niwi , 1 years ago

It looks fabulous Kate ! It's funny because this morning I had my 1st coffee looking at some voyage channel on TV and it was about Italy and Amalfi coast. It was splendid and focus was on their lemon productions and famous limoncello ;-)

neverorever , 1 years ago

Phenomenal set Kate smile

Kate O, 1 years ago

Thanks Joyce !! I feel so blessed that I was able to travel extensively before my health became an issue. If you can travel, Italy, minus the rude people is totally awesome !! I had heard that France had rude people, but, I found them very nice. The Italians working in the Hospitality Industry were so very rude !! My Bucket list still contains, Greece and Japan, but it is doubtful I'll ever get to visit either place.

Incogneato, 1 years ago

Oh my ... bucket list! Gorgeous set, Kate!

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