collection Spring/Summer 2019Summer, Competition 'Sunshine shades', 4 years ago
by Kate O
108 DEGREES TODAY !! - Fashion set
15 AUG 2019 ~ don't care that Autumn isn't officially here until September 23rd !! I need it NOW !!

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Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks M'Dear !!
Carmen Creation

Carmen Creation , 4 years ago

Great Spring/Summer Collage!

Kate O, 4 years ago

Hugs Sweetie !! Anything over 90 degrees is too Hot for me and I stay inside with A/C running and lots of Iced drinks !! 108 isn't the hottest it's been here, a few years back we reached 110 !!! =D

Gianoula , 4 years ago

So nice set and I like how the sun is Shining through the top. But About hundret Degrees would make me jump in my bed and stay there with some cubes of ice under my back and the fridge near me :-D

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks Sweetie !! Thankfully it was that hot for only a few days & I stayed inside !

Doozer , 4 years ago

Oh my goodness that's way too hot!! I do love this set though!! XXO

Kate O, 4 years ago

Hugs Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ I only go out when I have to, otherwise I am home in a cool place !! I am so glad your August isn't real Hot !! We are alike !! Anything over mid 80's is too hot for us !! I am holing on as best I can !! Hugs !!

Michelle858 ~ can not fathom living in Sac without some kind of A/C, even if it was a Swamp Cooler !! LOL !! Hopefully your friend will come home to cooler weather. A/C is my best friend !! =D

Niwi , 4 years ago

Hope you can stay cool under the A/C protection now Kate! We are lucky here as the heatwave didn't strike again in August. Though it is still too hot for me even with normal temperatures for summer.
Hold on sweetie! xoxo

Michelle858, 4 years ago

@Kate We had a heat wave, short and sweet , in July and that has been about it. Our weather has been like Southern California with the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises to rival same. I had a pool for 2 year in Sac but the last three years in Sac I had no air conditioning. At that time, I was never home - school, work, socializing...but I do remember that heat. I love Sac. My one Sacto friend flew out to Hambergen Germany last week. Gone for a month, hopefully she'll be spared the heat of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valley only to return to cooler weather. Just remember : Central air can be a girl's best friend smile

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thanks !! Aren't you glad you don't live in Sac !!

Michelle858, 4 years ago

Such a nice sun shiney outfit ! Sweet !

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thank Heaven for A/C !! Unfortunately I had to be out in the heat during the Hottest part of the day !! Not my choice !!
peewee PV ~ Thanks Sweetie !!
dgia ~ Thanks !!

peewee PV, 4 years ago

I can feel the sun

dgia, 4 years ago

Great set

Kate O, 4 years ago

Thank You Lovely Ladies !!

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