Oh what tangled web we weave . . .

collection Spring/Summer 2018Art, 3 years ago
by Kate O
Oh what tangled web we weave . . .- Fashion set
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Kate O, 3 years ago

Thanks Hon !!

haikuandkysses, 3 years ago


Kate O, 3 years ago

If Bev & Ellen had not left their antagonistic messages I would have not created additional sets !! Like Vero said, if You Don't Like ,Don't Look & definitely Don't Comment !! I Love You two Gals, we are of like minds !! Still boggles my mind that reasonably sane & intelligent women & men would support someone who is obviously unstable & unfit, among others things !!
I could create so many sets about #45 & his cronies/followers, I wouldn't have the time to create Art & Fashion Sets !!
Hugs Sweetie and have a wonderful Weekend !!

Pam , 3 years ago

Oh, I have so many things to say. But I'll just stick to a general: soooooo very true! And maybe certain people should spend less time lying, obstructing & gaslighting...???!!!!!

Kate O, 3 years ago

Thanks Ladies !!
@Bev Martin

Bev Martin, 3 years ago

So creative and very unique! Fabulous!

svijetlana2, 3 years ago

woow stunning!!

Kate O, 3 years ago

Thanks so much my Friends !! Things aren't look very good for #45.
@Niwi =D

Niwi , 3 years ago

Spectacular ! smile

Suburbhater , 3 years ago

great set!

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