I Love Fall

collection Mid-November Style ExtravaganzaAutumn, Competition 'Mid-November Style Extravaganza!', 3 weeks ago
by Faith
I Love Fall- Fashion set
Mid-November Style Extravaganza

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Comments (8)



Faith , 2 weeks ago

Thank-You Nkara !!

Nkara, 2 weeks ago

Great styling! Love the look!

Faith , 3 weeks ago

Oh thank-You siriusfun
-justmetwo -Evgeniya7 You have all made my day very special !!

Evgeniya7, 3 weeks ago

❤️ Wonderful set! Lovely! ❤️

justmetwo, 3 weeks ago

Fabulous ,love the outfit ♥

siriusfun, 3 weeks ago

Love this!!

Faith , 3 weeks ago

Oh thank-You LEA FAULKS !!
You have made my day very special !!!

LEA FAULKS, 3 weeks ago

This set design is visual "I Would Love to Have This" list. You make shopping so easy! Can you tell that I love your set? I hope so.

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