nr 584 - Enjoy the Winter - wear puffer jacket

collection Jesień/Zima 2019Winter, 6 days ago
by BeBeauty
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nr 584 - Enjoy the Winter - wear puffer jacket- Fashion set

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Comments (9)


Carmen Creation's , 5 days ago

Great winter outfit!

BeBeauty, 6 days ago

thank you so much for your nice comments justmetwo beautifulplaceNymueDiane1234MisshoneeMichelle858neverorever

justmetwo, 6 days ago

Super as always

beautifulplace, 6 days ago

So beautiful yet comfortable ❤️

Nymue, 6 days ago

Great outfit and set, those boots look so comfy. I miss my old ones. ;-(

Diane1234, 6 days ago

Love the color combo!

Misshonee, 6 days ago

Perfect ❤

Michelle858, 6 days ago

Superb outfit heart heart heart

neverorever , 6 days ago

Splendid creation smileheart

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