How to wear a Striped Two-Toned Long-Sleeve Top!

collection How to wear StripesAutumn, 6 months ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Striped Two-Toned Long-Sleeve Top!- Fashion set
With his Jean Patou brand, created in 1914, “the most elegant man in Europe” – as the American press called him – revolutionized women's fashion. Wear the brand's striped, two-toned, long-sleeve top. Pair it with Acne Studios jeans. Accessorize with Fydelity backpack, Vans sneakers and matching glasses.

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DiscoMermaid , 6 months ago

Thanks, siriusfun !

siriusfun, 6 months ago

Fun color combination and outfit!!

DiscoMermaid , 6 months ago

Thanks, lemo !

lemo, 6 months ago

wow very beautiful colour my dear heartheartheart"I WISH YOU A NICE WEEKEND!"

DiscoMermaid , 6 months ago

Thanks, zoloto !

zoloto, 6 months ago

Amazing! Elegant image!

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