How to wear a Striped Heart Logo T-Shirt!

collection How to wear StripesSpring, 3 months ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Striped Heart Logo T-Shirt!- Fashion set
This bright striped long sleeve T-Shirt from the Comme des Garçons PLAY Classic Collection. Comme des Garçons, or 'like the boys' in French, has pushed the blurred aesthetic of masculine and feminine motifs with playful overtones since its creation in 1969 by legendary designer Rei Kawakubo. In typical Parisian style, this striped t-shirt features the PLAY heart logo (designed by Filip Pagowski) and is made from lightweight, premium cotton material. Pair it with Dolce & Gabbana jeans....

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Comments (8)


DiscoMermaid , 3 months ago

Thanks, sandra !

sandra , 3 months ago

cute look

DiscoMermaid , 3 months ago

Thanks, lemo !

lemo, 3 months ago


DiscoMermaid , 3 months ago

Thanks, beautifulplace !

beautifulplace, 3 months ago

Marvelous casual look ❤️

DiscoMermaid , 3 months ago

Thanks, Michelle858 !

Michelle858, 3 months ago

I love those jeans !
Fabulous set ❤

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