How to wear Checked Print Wool Trousers!

collection How to wear Preppy!Work, Competition 'October Finale: Fall Fashion Frenzy!', 7 months ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear Checked Print Wool Trousers!- Fashion set
Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian luxury creative director and the chief executive of his eponymous made-in-Italy brand, Brunello Cucinelli. Wear the brand's checked-print, wool trousers. Pair it with a halter grey top. Accessorize with grey sandals, a Chloe bag, and matching jewelry.

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Comments (4)


DiscoMermaid , 7 months ago

Thanks, KateGWest !

KateGWest, 7 months ago

I adore this set!

DiscoMermaid , 7 months ago

Thanks, siriusfun !

siriusfun, 7 months ago

Very stylish, excellent set!!

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