How to wear a Striped Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit!

collection How to wear Preppy!Work, 2 months ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Striped Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit!- Fashion set
Wear this Maje jumpsuit which is Plain weave, with no appliqués, stripes, sleeveless, deep neckline, multipockets. Accessorise with Jacquemus pumps, a Uterque handbag, and matching jewelery.

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Comments (7)


DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, Michelle858 !

Michelle858, 1 month ago

Sleek and sweet !

DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, Aniuska80 and @dehit. !

dehti, 1 month ago

Style I love! Good job.

Aniuska80, 1 month ago


DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, justmetwo !

justmetwo, 2 months ago

Fabulous,love it ♥

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