How to wear a Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt!

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by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt!- Fashion set
If you dress to express the mood of the moment wear this Ichi floral print shirt. Pair it with Sandro Paris jeans. Accessorize with Zyne flats, a Bolso tote, and matching Raleigh jewelry.

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DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, lemo !

lemo, 4 weeks ago

wonderful my dear Disco CONGRATULATIONS! heartheartheartheartheart

DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thank you for all the lovely comments! ❤❤❤

beautifulplace, 4 weeks ago

Perfect!! Congrats dearheart

dgia, 4 weeks ago


Márta Tugyi, 4 weeks ago

Congratulations on your Set of The Day!

Danijela , 4 weeks ago

Congratulations on your Set Of The Day❤

kari ch, 4 weeks ago

Congratulations heart

Sherlin, 4 weeks ago


JelNik, 4 weeks ago

Perfect! Congratulations!!!!

Ljubacelo-Ljiljana Radisavljević, 4 weeks ago

Congrats, very beautiful!

KateGWest, 4 weeks ago

Congratulations on Your Wonderful Set of the Day!!

kmaryk, 4 weeks ago

Congrats dear!

Doozer , 4 weeks ago

Beautiful Sweetie, congrats!! XXO

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