How to wear a Long Sleeve Split Nightdress!

collection How to wear Boho!Everyday, 2 months ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Long Sleeve Split Nightdress!- Fashion set
The story starts with twin sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdina's search for elegant, simple pieces. Wear this fitted yet comfortable dress and pair it with O'stin flats.

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Comments (6)


DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, Michelle858!

Michelle858, 1 month ago

Such beautiful simplicity and a professional quality magazine page layout ! ! !

DiscoMermaid , 2 months ago

Thanks, justmetwo!

justmetwo, 2 months ago

Excellent ♥

DiscoMermaid , 2 months ago

Thanks, Misshonee!

Misshonee, 2 months ago


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