collection Frühling/Sommer 2019Nature, 3 years ago
by Gianoula
Orientation- Fashion set
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Gianoula , 3 years ago

peewee PV Mersi dear Peewee (❣◡❣)
JelNik And you a nice time, want to see you healthy and funny like Always (❣◡❣) Thank you from heart

JelNik, 3 years ago

Envy you! Have a good journey!

peewee PV, 3 years ago


Gianoula , 3 years ago

lemo beautifulplace Ahc, ihr seit lieb zu mir wie immer, mersi an euch (♥‿♥)
BeBeauty You are lovely, dear polish Beauty (♥‿♥)
Michelle858 I will Change the Hotel i work, it is something like a School for me, yes. Thank you dear friend for the Question and your other lovely commis (♥‿♥)

lemo, 3 years ago


beautifulplace, 3 years ago


BeBeauty, 3 years ago

wonderful smile Have a nice time in the Alps smile

Michelle858, 3 years ago

That is so awesome, Gianoula ! Are you studying there ?

Gianoula , 3 years ago

Michelle858 Yes, thank you dear friend, i will be away for About six months

Michelle858, 3 years ago

How beautiful ! This is a lovely set. Have a wonderful time in the Alps when you go heart

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