Seawall Stroll

collection Fashion City, 3 years ago
by Incogneato
Seawall Stroll- Fashion set
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Comments (21)


haikuandkysses, 3 years ago


Goreti Jorge, 3 years ago


ValeriaM, 3 years ago

Gorgeous look and fabulous mixing!

mararivel, 3 years ago

so pretty

Andreja , 3 years ago


Beverly , 3 years ago

Gorgeous look Joyce. Love, love! Hope you are getting use to this site. I think I have finally figured it all out. Of course, I miss doing the art sets. Doing art sets on this site is not the same as Polyvore. So, I just stick to the fashion. Take care. So glad to see you on TrendMe. Hugs

Doozer , 3 years ago

This is fabulous Sweetie!! XXO

Niwi , 3 years ago

Beautiful combo Joyce! smile

Tempesta Artica , 3 years ago

Absolutely fabulous!

zaplily , 3 years ago

Do we congrat for Top Fashion Set from front page? Congrats for a beautiful set!

lastchance , 3 years ago

Gorgeous J xx

Cindy Pete , 3 years ago


Bev Martin, 3 years ago

Beautifully done!

Danijela , 3 years ago

so beautiful

Tempesta Artica , 3 years ago

Wow! Stunning!

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