Mademoiselle... Très Chic

collection Collection By PerformanceElegant, 6 years ago
by Performance Maria de Fatima
Mademoiselle... Très Chic- Fashion set
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Comments (10)


haikuandkysses, 2 years ago


Performance Maria de Fatima, 6 years ago

Dear friend Yo, kisssssssssssss on heart

Performance Maria de Fatima, 6 years ago

svijetlana,thanks, Kissssssss on heart

THANKS , 6 years ago

Pretty colors and design❤

Performance Maria de Fatima, 6 years ago

PETRA78, maca1974, elaine sanches, heartafloat, Hena, Betty Gaither-Harmon. Kisss on heart

maca1974, 6 years ago

great glam style...cute cat smile

elaine sanches, 6 years ago


heartafloat, 6 years ago

Gorgeous fashion and shoes!♥♥

Hena, 6 years ago

hahah, cat is so fun, like a real lady((:heart

Betty Gaither-Harmon , 6 years ago


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