Winter child

collection CityWinter, 2 years ago
by sandra
Winter child- Fashion set
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Comments (5)


haikuandkysses, 2 years ago


sandra , 2 years ago

HalfMoonRun I am so happy you like this, I was thinking about a blend of winter and French blue, glad you like it. Your nickname is winterchild? So fitting smile

beautifulplace, 2 years ago

Very pretty and charming set!

HalfMoonRun, 2 years ago

so beautiful and feminine styling both classic and boho. enchanting set where the sun and the moon, in the company of the stars, coexist as perfect life partners. thank you sandra for your marvelous gift and its title, my nickname is winter child ♥

sandra , 2 years ago

Happy belated birthday for HalfMoonRun as promised here is your birthday set, I hope you like it smile

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