Cheerful in dark days

collection CityCity, 2 months ago
by sandra
Cheerful in dark days- Fashion set
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sandra , 2 months ago

HalfMoonRun thought you might like the shoe thing and we could all use some cheerful red now. You stay safe and optimistic as well and if it gets difficult, just think of the freedom of summer and the fun you'll soon be having smile

sandra , 2 months ago

Kate O Thank you, I hope you are doing well over there?

HalfMoonRun, 2 months ago

Once again such a beautiful styling (the two different shoes have become your signature like the "griffe" of a haute couture designer). And, once again, such a wonderfully designed set. LOVE the contrast between the photo of the mist that embraces the London Bridge and Big Ben at the top of the Elizabeth Tower and the very pretty photo and its radiant colors. This contrast supports perfectly well the title of your set.
You too, dear sandra , do whatever it takes to stay safe.

beleev , 2 months ago

Fabulous ❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations !!!!

Kate O, 2 months ago

Beautiful Set !! Stay safe also !!

Misshonee, 2 months ago

Lovely ❤

Michelle858, 2 months ago

(((Hugs))) Thank you, sandra
This is such a pretty outfit

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