Annecy look

collection CityCity, 4 weeks ago
by sandra
Annecy look- Fashion set
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Comments (19)


DiscoMermaid , 3 weeks ago

Super pretty!

lemo, 3 weeks ago

superb CONGRATULATIONS! my dear heartheartheart

HalfMoonRun, 3 weeks ago

Congratulations on your Set Of The Day.

Doozer , 3 weeks ago

Congrats Sweetie!! XXO

KateGWest, 3 weeks ago

Lovely Set of the day and the Quote is wonderful-CONGRATULATIONS!! xok

Diane1234, 3 weeks ago

Congrats on your set of the day!

Helenelle, 3 weeks ago


kari ch, 3 weeks ago

Congratulations heart

herasdarne, 3 weeks ago

Beautiful, congratulations!

Sherlin, 3 weeks ago

Congrats, darling!❤❤❤

Márta Tugyi, 3 weeks ago

Congratulations on your set of the day!

justmetwo, 3 weeks ago

Congrats,fabulous ♥

BeBeauty, 3 weeks ago

super ♥ congrats

Ljubacelo-Ljiljana Radisavljević, 3 weeks ago


JelNik, 3 weeks ago

Very beautiful dress! Amazing bag! Congratulations!!!!

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