Down to Business

collection Autumn/Winter 2021Everyday, 9 months ago
by Kate O
Down to Business- Fashion set
04 JAN 2021 ~ Holidays are over and the emotional high has faded, it's down to business !! Awesome things are on the horizon and I am ready !!

Happy first Monday in January 2021 !!

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Comments (21)


Kate O, 8 months ago

Hugs & Thanks Michelle !!

Michelle858, 8 months ago

Great outfit and this magazine page it composed like a pro !
The boots and the pullover sweater are so pretty smile

Niwi , 8 months ago

Hehehe ! Hugs Kate ! smile

Kate O, 8 months ago

Niwi ~ Awww, Vero, you are in a conundrum !! You have chosen the correct path, "Grin & Bear it " !! LOl !! Sometimes that's all you can do and I know that you do it with grace and gratitude. Most of the time this old Mama Bear could care less about being a social anything !! Like you, I love my cave and that's where I prefer to stay !! Hee,hee !!
Hugs back at you and I saw Ms. Moon last night and profusely Thanked her for granting me my wish !! ;-)

Niwi , 8 months ago

An excellent novelette indeed full of great advice, you should publish it ;)
Well, you know me : on my side I would quit Christmas with such a relief and not a single regret. But I don't want to bother anyone with my state of mind so I just don't say a thing. And anyway it is impossible with the social/family pressure + Bday, so I'm doing with it, ready or not.
I'm just an old bear, happy in my cave ;-)
Hugs sweetie ! xoxo

Kate O, 8 months ago

A couple of family members were so stressed over everything about the Holidays that I said, " If this has you so stressed and unhappy, then don't do it !! They got all flustered saying, " I can't just quit Christmas, family & friends are expecting my baked goods, decorations and the gifts, etc ..... !! " I told them that all the things they did in preparation for the Holiday needed to be changed, starting first with their attitude !! Instead of 10 different types of cookies, etc, choose and bake 2-3 types.
and make the baked goods the only gift for friends, co-workers and some extended family members. Concentrate on the kids and immediate family, stick to a budget and start early !! That's what I had to do when our Family started expanding and I we were celebrating together !! Thankfully, I inherited my Love of Christmas from my Dad and I never got overstressed !! The long lines and unhappy rude people didn't /doesn't bother me !! Since the age of online shopping was created my stress level is near zero. For those items I have to physically go to a store for I do it early and at opening time !!
Come Christmas Eve and Day I am happy, relaxed and can actually enjoy the Celebration !! Hee,hee, a novelette on the art of a Stressless Christmas !! ;-) Hugs !!

Niwi , 8 months ago

Many people are stressed just before Christmas at work : so many things to fixe or close before the end of the calendar year... and I'm like you, it's difficult to go back to work after winter break, or after any other break smile
Hugs sweetie xoxo

Kate O, 8 months ago

peewee PV ~ Thanks !!

peewee PV, 8 months ago


Kate O, 9 months ago

Thanks Sweetie !!
Anne Irene

Anne Irene , 9 months ago

Awesome set and styling !!! ❤️

Kate O, 9 months ago

Thanks so much Sweet Friends for the nice comments !!
Niwi ~ always had difficulty going back to work after my vacation time !! I always chose the two weeks of Christmas and New Years because I just couldn’t deal with the clients, they were stressed and unhappy which took its toll on everyone !

Nymue, 9 months ago

Fab styling and wonderful choice if items

beautifulplace, 9 months ago

Very nice styling & set. ♥️

Doozer , 9 months ago

Fabulous Kate, love those boots!! XXO

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