collection Autumn/Winter 2020Autumn, 7 months ago
by dgia
Pelagie- Fashion set
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Comments (9)


countrycuz, 7 months ago

amazing set

Renita , 7 months ago

Exceptional set and styling, love this!

JelNik, 7 months ago

Adorable look!

BeBeauty, 7 months ago

wow, great styling smile

justmetwo, 7 months ago

Excellent dear ♥

Danijela , 7 months ago

adorable, wonderful coat ❤️

lemo, 7 months ago

phenomenal my dear Gia,heartheartheartheartheart

Michelle858, 7 months ago

Superb Autumn outfit smile

beautifulplace, 7 months ago

Gorgeous look, sweetie ❤️

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