Man. . . I miss this !!

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Girls Night Out, 2 years ago
by Kate O
Man. . . I miss this  !!  - Fashion set
10 FEB 2021 ~ I have a favorite Mexican restaurant, Felipe's, that Lois and I dined at quite frequently. It's the Best as far as we are concerned and tacos and Dos XX is a given along with their guacamole dish & Chips !! I can hardly wait until we can Dine in again !!

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Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks Sweeties !!
@Niwi ~ Lois and I will probably put on 20 pounds once our favorites open again for inside dining !! We'll have to make up for the past year.
;-) You are so correct about the company, I miss that the most !! Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, 2 years ago

So charming styling. Love its warm earth colours. Very lovely set.

Niwi , 2 years ago

I miss my favorite restaurants too, not only for the food, but for the good company smile Lovely set Kate, nice overall smile
Happy Friday ! xoxo

Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks Bunches Sweet Friends !!
Michelle858 ~ will do !! Good Mexican food is hard to find sometimes and I am really particular.
Thankfully Sacramento has a few pretty good places, though I tend to go where I know the food is awesome !!
Doozer ~ Hugs !! I kind of suspected that Mexican food was high on your list since you go to Mexico every year !! ;-)

Michelle858, 2 years ago

Have a tostada for me, Kate ! No such thing as Cali-Mex food in the North East - fond memories of guac and tortilla chips, refries and tacos, not to mention hibiscus flower iced tea ! Yum ! Cool tribute set ! !

Doozer , 2 years ago

This is great Kate!! I miss this too, Mexican is my favorite!! XXO

JelNik, 2 years ago

Cool! Wonderful set!

Aniuska80, 2 years ago

i love this outfit!!

beautifulplace, 2 years ago

What an adorable styling!! heart

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