La Poésie Des Souvenirs

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Everyday, 2 years ago
by HalfMoonRun
La Poésie Des Souvenirs- Fashion set
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Comments (9)


beautifulplace, 2 years ago

Very beautiful look and love the layout/designheart

herasdarne, 2 years ago

Super cool!

BeBeauty, 2 years ago

chic smile

Kate O, 2 years ago

A Fabulous Earthy color palette !! Lovely Look !!

Enchanticals , 2 years ago

So creative. Memories are poetry. The come back in stanzas.

Love this to death.
(( )))

KateGWest, 2 years ago

Gorgeous - xok

Aniuska80, 2 years ago

Beautiful outfit, set, it!

Renita , 2 years ago

Love the way the outfit and the picture are so perfect together! You are so very creative.

collagette, 2 years ago

Beautiful earth-toned sentiment =D

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